Robyn’s paintings have themes of landscapes and dreams. while
“The purpose of my art is to share with others the beauty I see … I seek to portray a sense of peace and resolution. My artworks are calm and reflective and encourage a similar response in the viewer. I look beyond the visual to the essence of a thing, to convey what is inside”.

Image of Robyn Varpins painting Copyright © Robyn Varpins 


Primarily using oil paints on canvas, but also experimenting with a variety of woods, Robyn has two styles … soft, washy abstract, and slightly stylized realistic images of people, landscapes and flowers. She flirts with combining the two styles but hasn’t found a satisfactory marriage yet. 

She also paints on her sculptures sometimes and has found this very effective.

Robyn has a deep love of colour and her home is a riot of rich colours. “ For me, looking at colour is a palpable pleasure, like eating chocolate.”

Commissions Accepted, please contact me.

You can view my work from my studio, contact me for a time.